HVAC White City, OR

Whether you need to battle the heat on a brutal summer day, or fend off the cold in the chilly depths of winter, Icyhot is the company of choice for your service needs pertaining to HVAC, White City, OR. Our professionals are here to do the job right, for your heating and cooling needs.

Icyhot Heating and Air Conditioning focuses on three main services for both residential and commercial settings. These include HVAC installation, HVAC system maintenance, and HVAC repairs. Other focuses include our ventilation service, system cleaning, upgrades, and modernization to current systems.

HVAC installation and modernization can aid in using less energy. Less energy used by the system results in money you save. If a new unit is needed, our company will help you select the proper equipment for your home or business. Factors that are considered for this include the size of the space the equipment needs to accommodate, the efficiency it provides, as well as the choices and specifications for any special features you desire for the system.

HVAC maintenance keeps your system running its best. With servicing and ventilation services, including duct cleaning, we’ll check the necessary parts of your unit to make sure everything is working correctly. This allows for your system to run at its top capacity. Proper care can ensure your home is a healthy, temperate environment.

HVAC repairs will get your current system up and running again. Nobody’s happy when it’s not working. We’ll find the source of the problem, and replace parts as needed, to guarantee that your unit is properly operating.

Licensed, bonded, and insured, we meet industry standards. Our experienced technicians will provide top-notch, quality workmanship in a timely manner. We work for you, allowing for flexible scheduling and emergency service, to work with your schedule. Ensuring that your home stays in top shape and is taken care of throughout the duration of repairs is important to us, and we work with care.

Your comfort is our goal. Contact us for your required AC repairs and heating repairs in White City, OR area.